My Top 10 Concerts

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One question that I get asked from time-to-time is, what were my all time top concerts.  Well, here are my top10.

The City Pages Gimme Noise blog recently asked for user submissions for a top 20 First Avenue concerts, Readers' Picks.  I submitted the 4 from my list below. 
    1. Daft Punk @ Coachella April 29, 2006
      By far my #1 show of all time.  I'll be surprised if I ever see another show this magical.  Lucky for us, Coachella is the first festival in the US of the year, so we had no idea what we were about to see.  This was the end of the first day of my first Coachella and Daft Punk were playing the dance tent.  I had already had a great day, so to make it ever better with this show, I can't even explain how euphoric an experience it was.  Mason and I managed to weasel our way up towards the front, standing around 50 ft from the stage.  We were blown away by the show.  We were literally speechless and at the same time wouldn't shut up about it the next day.  I still get goosebumps, to this day, watching/hearing that set.
    2. Bloodhound Gang @ First Ave July 31, 1997
      Another show that still comes up in conversations.  It was quite possibly the craziest, weirdest show I've ever attended.  The music was good and loud as hell as far as I can remember.  I also remember laughing a lot and yelling to Matt and Ryan "WTF".  Like when the guitarist started climbing the up from the stage to the 2nd floor balcony  where we were sitting.
    3. Lords of Acid @ First Ave July 20, 1995
      Easily one of the sweatiest shows I've ever attended.  I went with Matt and Ryan, and at the time, we were freshmen in college.  So it's safe to say we saw a lot of stuff at this show we'd never seen before.  The fact that the 3 of us will occasionally bring up this show in conversation over 15 years later goes to show what an impression it had on us.  Between the stage show, the super hot lead singer, and the crowd, it was by far one of the most memorable shows I've been too.
    4. Girl Talk @ Coachella April 28, 2007
      I've seen Girl Talk 5 times, so I obviously like seeing him perform live.  This set was the first time I had seen him and he had just released 'Night Ripper'.  I had heard a lot about him at the time, and a lot about "mashup", so while at Coachella I suggested to Mason that we go check him out.  It's funny to think back how few people were there in the Gobi Tent, which is the smallest tent at Coachella, considering almost every show he does now is a sellout.
    5. The Chemical Brothers @ First Ave April 27, 1997
      This show was definitely worth the road trip to go see.  I was a big fan then, and an ever bigger fan now all these years later.  This was probably my first real electronic music concert to attend.  Seeing Tom & Ed behind their massive setup of nobs and buttons was amazing.  They had an incredible visual display played over top of them which only added to the sensory overload of the show.  I've seen them 2 more times since, and by far this was the best time.
    6. Beastie Boys @ Target Center May 21, 1995
      I bought 'License to Ill' on tape as a kid.  So I've been a Beastie Boys fan for a long time.  Target Center wasn't the greatest place to see this show (the sounds wasn't great), but they put on a great show with tons of energy.  I went with Nick to this one and although we didn't have floor access (probably would have been more fun), we did have good seats on the lower bowl with a great view.
    7. Radiohead @ First Ave June 4, 1995
      The funny thing about this show, was that from what I remember, I wasn't initially going to go.  At the time, I really liked 'Creep', but hadn't really gotten into 'The Bends'.  I ended up going, and with a small group of high school buddies.  Looking back, I'm sure glad I went, and see a band like Radiohead in a small club setting.
    8. Madonna @ United Center October 26, 2008
      I wouldn't say I'm nearly the fan my wife is, but having the closest seats I've ever had for an arena show, definitely gives you a different perspective.  Not only was the show amazing visually, and the music was awesome, but sitting that close, you really do feel like you're part of the show.  One of the most memorable show I've ever seen.
    9. Them Crooked Vultures @ Lifestyle Communities Pavilion October 6, 2009
      I originally tried to get tickets to see TCV's very first show in Chicago following Lollapolooza.  Obviously those tickets sold out within minutes.  So I was pumped when they announced they were going on tour and stopping in Columbus.  Not surprisingly, this show also sold out, but I was able to secure tickets this time.  What a loud, thunderous show this turned out to be.  A true rock show if you ask me.
    10. Alice Cooper @ Roy Wilkins Auditorium March 25, 1990
      Had to start with this one since it was my first official show.  I was 15, and went with a friend and his dad.  I was really into the Trash album at the time, and loved the theatrics of the concert.  Great first show for sure.
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