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I went to my first concert back in 1990 while in 7th grade (Alice Cooper - Trash tour 3/25/1990 Roy Wilkins Auditorium), and have been hooked on live music ever since.  To date, I've been to just over 100 shows, but when you factor in the festivals, I've seen at least double that number of bands.

I wanted somewhere where I could put all my experiences, pictures, videos, and ticket stubs, and figured a blog was the best way to do it.  This isn't meant to be a concert review site, but more of an online scrapbook of all the shows I attend.  In any case, I hope you enjoy it.


I've included a calendar on the site that shows a lot of the shows going on in the Mpls/St Paul area.  If you know of any other public Google calendars that I can add, let me know.  This is an quick and easy way to figure out what is playing on any given day.

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