Soul Food Festival

This was to be a fun and casual opportunity to see some live music while on vacation, and with the wife. A handful of old funk bands, should have been a fun night at an amphitheater near the water in Palm Beach Florida. It was a joke.

Although it had start off 2 hours late, it still seemed like they were on time. Lakeside and Confunkshun sounded great. The older, seated crowd seemed to like it, but never go out of their bag chairs. Then the slowdown began. 

We thought Cameo was next, but then all of the sudden Morris Day and the Time came on stage, and played all of 4 songs. Then we waited, and waited. We were then asked to vote on who should play next, Bootsy, or Cameo. Everyone wanted Cameo. We were losing time, and it was a shitshow.

Eventually, Cameo came out and played 3 songs. 3 SONGS. The band said they wished the could play every song they knew, but that would be hard to do given they waited until 10:45 PM to take the stage. It. Was. A. Joke.


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