STS9 @ First Avenue

I've been to a number of festivals with STS9 on the bill as well as in the same city they've passed through, but this was my first time officially catching them.

When I arrived at First Ave and saw the size of the line to get in, I was pretty surprised. I realize STS9 has been around for over 10 years and probably has a pretty loyal following, but I guess I just wasn't expecting a crowd that big. Needless to say it was packed inside and the crowd was really excited and energized waiting for the 5 members to take the stage.

I assumed I was in for quite a show with this sort of buzz and anticipation. When the band took the stage around 9:30PM and kicked off their nearly 2 hour show, the crowd went crazy, and didn't stop moving the entire time. The lights were a great compliment to the 5 guys on stage clearly enjoying what they were doing and feeding off the crowd's energy; even if they seldom addressed the crowd.

This all probably sounds like a great time right? For everyone in the audience, except for me, it was! However, after a few songs I felt like I got it. I was obviously seeing a different show than everyone else. I could see how STS9 would do really well in a festival atmosphere, especially outdoors. The unusual amount of white dudes with dreads seemed to confirm this.

I ended up leaving after an hour, which according to Twitter was the end of Set I (of II). I couldn't do another hour of what felt like a rave my parents would enjoy attending.

4.11.13 - First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN - Set I: #STS9setlist
Golden Gate #STS9setlist
Instantly #STS9setlist
Arigato #STS9setlist
Blu Mood #STS9setlist
The Rabble #STS9setlist
One A Day #STS9setlist
Hubble #STS9setlist
4.11.13 - First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN - Set II: #STS9setlist
Vapors #STS9setlist
Beyond Right Now #STS9setlist
Dance #STS9setlist
Kabuki #STS9setlist
Monkey Music #STS9setlist
Simulator #STS9setlist
March #STS9setlist
Inspire Strikes Back #STS9setlist
Encore: This, Us #STS9setlist
4 Year Puma #STS9setlist


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