Django Django @ First Avenue

There was some discussion on Twitter if the $30 ticket price was justified, considering this was Django Django's first time playing in Mpls.  Compared to Alt-J who, winners of the Mercury Prize, have now played twice in Mpls in smaller venues  don't play First Ave until August.  

The fact they sold out this show I think settles the argument.  

I like the album, but the live show takes it to another level.  I made a Spotify playlist of the set and it doesn't do it justice.  The whole set just sounded fuller, and louder and dancier.  

Any reservations I had seeing these guys live were immediately dissolved within the first song.  They even admitted during the set that even though it was St Paddy's day and they were from Ireland, this was the better place to be.

These guys must love their tambourines  because they were in almost every song, and they even had different sizes.  I even joked about it on Twitter and they responded with their tambourine budget.


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