Mouse on Mars @ The 7th Street Entry

I know I've been following MOM for a long time.  At least that's what I thought.  I tried tracking down the CD I had but couldn't find it.  Regardless, I got a ticket.

Super show in a super venue.  These guys know what they're doing.

I'm drunk writing this, so you're lucky you got this much. 

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Marijuana Deathsquads @ The Belmore

Absolutely my favorite local band.  So how jazzed was I when they were playing the same night I was already going out for another show?  And how awesome was it when that other show let out in time for me to walk a block over to catch this show?  This is one of those times I wish it was 5 years ago, and I lived downtown.  

But alas, I'm now a parent and I live 7 miles outside of downtown.  I'm definitely thankful I get these opportunities though.  These guys sounded amazing   The next day I told my wife how much I wish she was there with me to experience this.  Back in the day she would have loved it.  

I can't wait for these guys to do more.  I love everything they do and wish I was able to catch them live more often. 

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Toro Y Moi @ Fine Line Music Cafe

This was my 3rd time seeing Toro Y Moi live.  It could easily have been my best time seeing them though.  

Although I couldn't get a good spot to watch this time around, they sounded amazing.  It's really weird how different the live show differs from the recorded versions. 

The last time I saw them was at the Triple Rock 2 years ago.  I really enjoyed that show.  This show was totally different. Which is strange because it's not like this new album was all that different from the first.  But again, the live set just translated so differently than the album.  And better, if you ask me.  

If you like dance, then you'd have a great time at this show.  It had a much groovier feel live than the album.

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