Prince @ Dakota Jazz Club

I'm not much of a Prince fan, which isn't to say I don't like him, because I do. I mean, I saw him at Coachella 2008 and stayed and watched most of his set. I enjoy his music, but if he went on tour, I probably wouldn't go see him. However, when an opportunity comes along to see someone on the level of Prince play at a 300 seat club, I can't pass that up. So when 6 shows were announced at the Dakota Jazz Club for Prince, ranging in price from $70 to $250, I figured I'd check it out. Since the wife wasn't interested I enlisted my buddy who's the biggest Prince fan I know.

It was only a matter of a couple hours between the shows announcement and tickets going on sale. There were the typical ticket server crashes that I've dealt with before, which were eventually resolved. I think due to those issues it made it very easy to grab my 2 tickets to the very first show of the 6, once they were finally available.

32 hours later, we were at the club. Normally I would have taken a nauseating amount of pictures and video, but there was a strict no cell phone policy. In fact it stated that if you're caught even using your phone, you'll get booted, no exceptions.

Our expectations were pretty low, not only because this was the cheapest show and it was dubbed a 'drummer audition', but also it was Prince. Not someone that's known for being punctual or even showing up. The show started right on time though, and sure enough, it was just a drummer. BUT, roughly 10 minutes in, Price comes walking out! Ok, we didn't waste our money, he at least showed up. He sits down at a set of keyboards and starts playing along. Mind you, we're behind him, like, 10 feet behind him. I keep looking at my buddy in disbelief, this was just insane.

There was a 6 piece horn section that makes it's way out New Orleans style and marches around the joint. There was a guy on bass, and a woman on piano (I think, I couldn't tell what was over there). And of course the drummer and Prince.

Prince never sang, but he did play a lot of keyboard and guitar. It was just amazing to watch him and the other musicians play with each other. It seemed all free form jamming, although, I wouldn't know otherwise, but it sounded awesome. Tons of energy, enough energy in fact that at one point Prince instructed people to get up and dance, and they did.

The fact we were so close made it even more surreal every time Price would turn around in our direction and smirk or smile as the crowd bobbed along to the music. It was like he was looking right at us!!!

This was probably one of the coolest live music experiences I've ever had. New York gets Van Halen, Paris gets the Rolling Stones, and Minneapolis has Prince!


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