One More Time: A Tribute to Daft Punk @ Mill City Nights

When I initially saw this listed as an event I laughed, I mean come on, an electronic cover band?! On a certain level there's a bit of irony here, since most DJs are technically playing other peoples music. 

 Then I watched the preview video for the show and was sold. Big surprise, right?

I saw Daft Punk at Coachella in 2006, so I know how awesome they are live. And I know what this "tribute" was going after. That was my all time best show I ever saw. I read some where that Daft Punk is the most requested band for Coachella, so it make sense that somebody is touring around trying to capitalize on that.  

The show opened the exact same way they did on the 2006 tour, with Robot Rock.  Great song, and great way to open a show.  

I'm not sure what all to say about the show other than yeah, it was a bunch of Daft Punk songs and remixes, so it's good music, if that's what you're into.  

They had the poor mans version of the pyramid which wasn't all that bad.  Being 2013 they also had the luxury of adding Tron soundtrack songs into the mix.  Overall, it was a good show.  If you like Daft Punk, then you would have definitely enjoyed yourself. 


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