Family of the Year @ The 7th St Entry

I attend a good amount of concerts by myself.  This is due to my taste in music not aligning with most, if not all, my friends.  Those shows that would typically appeal to my friends, are further whittled away by being on a school night. Conversely, I believe this is why I rarely get invited to go to a show.  So when an invite does come through I definitely keep an open mind about the band.  It really doesn't take much for me to have some interest in a band.  As long as they aren't country, folk, or alt-country/folk, and are upbeat, chances are I'll enjoy them.

This was the case with Family of the Year.  I took a quick listen and well, they didn't suck, so I said "yep, I'll go" and grabbed a ticket.  Not only did they not suck, but they were a lot of fun to watch.  Most of their songs were full of energy and rockin', but they also had a lot of variety.  They didn't stick with the same formula for every song, so each song had the ability to stand out on it's own and was distinctive.  They also had a great banter with each other and the audience.  

The show at the Entry was sold out which apparently was their only (ever) sold out show in the US.  That's pretty awesome that a small band from LA can sell out a show here in Minneapolis.  

My only disappointment was with how short the set was.  Even with a good amount of talk between each song the set was about 50 minutes, which include the encore.  Otherwise it a a great show at the Entry with some great friends!

I also have to note I was impressed that they responded to me on Twitter when I asked when they were planning on going on.  It's always fun to get a response from a band over Twitter.


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