MiMOSA @ First Avenue

MiMOSA @ First Avenue

Another benefit of being a First Avenue Member. I won tickets to this show from the member newsletter. I actually won 2 tickets but just went by myself. I ended up going to a Pandora listener town hall next door that same night. So when that ended I just went straight to the show at First Ave. When I got there, around 9, there was maybe 4 other people there. This worried me. Not because I felt bad for the artist, but because I hadn't seen set times published. I assumed that meant that they may delay the show until an acceptable amount of people showed up. Luckily it wasn't that bad, and started around 10:30, but it sure makes for a long 90 minutes sitting in an empty venue by yourself.

The opening band was not what I would expect for a band opening for an EDM artist. Not only were they not EDM themselves, but they were a rock band. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just didn't dig them, as it wasn't something I would normally listen to.

MiMOSA himself was pretty good. He did get me off my stool and onto the dance floor, although I'm sure the 3 beers I had, helped too. I did like that he played his stuff, mixed with your usual live DJ choice songs. What I liked most though, was that his choices of songs didn't include all the usual crap that every other DJ, be it dubstep or not, chooses to play. So it was nice to hear some older stuff, and some of the lesser played good stuff.

First Ave is such a great venue, for any type of band, but it's sad to see it with such a low turnout. Granted, it was a weeknight, and it wasn't nearly as bad as when I saw Caspa there. I hope to see more EDM artists there, but with more people would be nice.



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