Miike Snow @ First Avenue

Third time's a charm.  I was pumped to see Miike Snow at Coachella, but so were 20,000 other people.  We were so far back we couldn't see a thing.  Lollapalooza rolled around and I thought I'd have my chance. Unfortunately, it was day 3 and I was fighting a crazy hangover.  So although I got to see a lot more of the show than my last attempt, it wasn't enjoyable.  Plus the fact that it was still daylight out didn't help.  So imagine my excitement when they announced a show at First Ave of all places.  
I thought the show was great.  They came out in matching masks and kicked off the show with a bang.  I thought the lead singer was a little awkward on stage, like he didn't really know what to do.  Not sure if that how he normally performs or the fact that he was really sick.  Turns out they cancelled the next show in Chicago.  Overall though, they sounded awesome and I got to hear all my favorite Miike Snow songs.  

This is the set list according to City Pages.


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