Amon Tobin: ISAM Live 2.0 @ The Orpheum Theater

The ISAM 2.0 show was one of the most interesting electronic shows I've ever been to. For one, it was in a theater. It became obvious why as soon as the curtain went up. There's no way that stage setup would fit at any of the clubs here. Secondly, this is a show you definitely have to watch, so having a lot of seats with a perfect view is important. Speaking of seating, it is a little unusual to have an electronic or EDM show in a seated venue. I saw some head bobbing going on, and saw a few people get up and dance. I'm guessing more people would have danced, had they not been confined to chairs.

If you saw DJ Shadow's most recent tour, ISAM was the same thing just on a much better and more detailed scale. I thought I had read something that gave me the impression it was suppose be live visuals in tune with the music. The only part that I thought this was true was when he was doing the air piano inside his cube and the image was projected and morphed onto the giant cube. That was pretty amazing to see, but the only "live" visuals that I could tell. Still, it was pretty amazing to think that this was a stationary "cube" wall, and it was moving and in 3D.

The 2 encores were a bit strange. After an hour he came out and waved and bowed, which I thought it meant it was over. Luckily he went back in and kept playing for another 15 minutes or so. Then came out again, waved, bowed and went back in and played for another 10 minutes. I didn't really notice that the visuals were any better or more complex at this point, they were just different. I think If you're going to do 2 encores, you should be pulling out all the stops and blowing us away. It was a great spectacle to watch, but didn't feel like it built up at the end. I think that would have made even more of an impact if you ask me.

This show is a must see. It's not like anything out there right now or at least much different than most stuff. Plus, being in a theater, I think all the kids left their stupid rave shit clothing at home. I didn't see one pacifier or one glowstick!

Here's the City Page's review. They were really reading into this performance if you ask me.


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