Liars @ First Avenue

Another benefit from being a First Avenue Member.  Members were invited to attend the Liars show for free, plus bring a guest.  I asked the brother-in-law if he wanted to go, which he did, as did a friend of his.  I was able to get both of them in for free, which kicked off a fun night.  Then we scored the Tweet Table, which got us a table on the 2nd floor right by the bar.  So we were able to sit, enjoy some beers, and have an awesome view of the stage.  I'll definitely be renewing my membership next year because of stuff like this.

The opening band was UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA, which I had higher hopes for.  In the end though it was a disappointing performance for me.  I had an impression they were a little harder style rock band with some electronic touches, but guess not.  They were a slower/grinding rock band which in my opinion just didn't go anywhere. Not that I did any research prior to the show, but felt like I had seen or heard them before.  Oh well, no matter, we were there to see Liars anyway.

I must have been really off on what I was thinking the bands would sound like live, because I thought Liars would be much more low key.  I was pleasantly surprised by how wrong I was.  They really come on with a ton of energy and got us moving, even while we sat at our table.  The set seemed a little short, which sucked, but they pounded through it with force and the audience loved it.  I'll definitely catch them if they come through MN again

Here's their setlist from the night.  I've created a Spotify playlist for the songs I could find.


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