Knife Party @ The Brick

When I saw that Knife Party was going to be in MN I jumped at the chance to see them. Actually, in reality, I sat and waited almost until the last minute to see them, but when I found out there weren't actually going to be at Lollapalooza, that prompted me to finally get a ticket. This time around, I went with 3 other guys which made it a lot more fun.

This was all part of the Global Dance Festival tour.  I think it started in Denver and has branched out to other cities and is put on by AEG, which the Brick (now Mill City Nights) is an AEG venue.  The other 2 nights looked appealing, but as a (older) father of a 2 year old with a full time job, I have to pick and choose my shows I attend.  Knife Party was the obvious choice for me though.  

When we got to the Brick, it wasn't that crowded, and in fact, it really didn't fill up much as the night wore on.  It could have been the fact that it was a Wednesday night, but I haven't been to a show yet at the Brick that was crowded no matter what night it was on.  We got there as AC Slater was performing.  He was fine, but I suppose any DJ could have been up there and done about the same.  I was kinda meh about him.

Next up was 12th Planet.  I would have to say he was actually the best act of the night.  Not only for his song selection and skills, but his energy.  You can tell when an artist goes that crazy on stage, they're really into the performance.  Which it turns out, was the opposite of Knife Party, more on that in a second. He was stage diving, taking pictures of/with the audience, and jumping around and dancing like a mad man.  His set was awesome and did a great job at getting the audience pumped for the final act.  But then what a let down that was.

Knife Party (of one) came on.  I thought to myself, aren't there 2 guys in Knife Party? Yet there's only 1 guy up there.  And this 1 guy, with a cap on pulled down over his eyes, basically stood still the entire time and smoked.  What a joke.  Their music, which I was so into recently because it was so intense and hard and bass-y, couldn't have been more different than the guy up there giving it to us.  I was originally so pumped to see these guy(s), that it was such an incredible bummer because of what we saw.  I later learned via Twitter that someone had a cold, although I couldn't tell if it was the guy that was a no show, or the guy that didn't move. So yeah, it was an awful performance.  

So what was suppose to be a crazy night of huge tunes, turned out to be a bust.  The only redeeming items of the night, were seeing 12th Planet, and executing the best photo-bomb of my career (see below).

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Liars @ First Avenue

Another benefit from being a First Avenue Member.  Members were invited to attend the Liars show for free, plus bring a guest.  I asked the brother-in-law if he wanted to go, which he did, as did a friend of his.  I was able to get both of them in for free, which kicked off a fun night.  Then we scored the Tweet Table, which got us a table on the 2nd floor right by the bar.  So we were able to sit, enjoy some beers, and have an awesome view of the stage.  I'll definitely be renewing my membership next year because of stuff like this.

The opening band was UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA, which I had higher hopes for.  In the end though it was a disappointing performance for me.  I had an impression they were a little harder style rock band with some electronic touches, but guess not.  They were a slower/grinding rock band which in my opinion just didn't go anywhere. Not that I did any research prior to the show, but felt like I had seen or heard them before.  Oh well, no matter, we were there to see Liars anyway.

I must have been really off on what I was thinking the bands would sound like live, because I thought Liars would be much more low key.  I was pleasantly surprised by how wrong I was.  They really come on with a ton of energy and got us moving, even while we sat at our table.  The set seemed a little short, which sucked, but they pounded through it with force and the audience loved it.  I'll definitely catch them if they come through MN again

Here's their setlist from the night.  I've created a Spotify playlist for the songs I could find.

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Porter Robinson @ Epic Nightclub

So, the real reason I went to this show was because I won a free ticket.  It's not that I didn't want to go, but going by myself, the fact it was a school night, and that it was at Epic (which I'd never been to) didn't really motivate me to buy a ticket.  Well it turns out, I had an awesome time.  I've entered tons of SIM Shows ticket giveaways before, never winning anything.  In fact I've even given them shit for not awarding tickets they've held contests for.  So I was pretty surprised to hear I one a ticket to Porter Robinson.  

The M Machine opened up for Porter and I was really glad I came early to see them.  They started out a bit slow although I enjoyed their sound, it was music that I would read to.  Not something that would get me dancing really.  Before you knew it though, they were picking up the pace and the show started to really transform. By the time they finished, the crowd was going crazy and everyone was dancing.  That was pretty awesome.  

I secured a spot right up front at the barrier so I had a great view with room to dance.  Porter Robinson came on and blew the crowd away.  He played a lot of great songs that kept the energy going the entire time.  You do expect to hear some of the same stuff every other DJ plays live, so it was nice that although he did hit some of those songs, his whole set wasn't full of them.  I know performers basically do the same "performance" at almost every show, so it's funny to see videos online of Porter Robinson doing the same pantomimes for the same songs.  Some of them were a little over dramatic and ridiculous.  It was hard to tell if he was having a good time or just going through the motions, but he did seem to take himself a little too seriously. 

Aside from his funny "act", the music was great.  With an additional pleasant surprise from the opening band, the night was great.  

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