Rusko @ Myth Nightclub

Up until this show, I thought I liked some bass.  This show proved that you can definitely overdo it though.  Especially when songs are played that don't appear to have music and are just all bass. Between the ridiculous amounts of bass and the insane lights, this was one of the most disorienting shows I've ever been to.

I was actually a bit afraid of going to Myth, never being there before, and the fact that it was in the burbs, 20 miles away. Luckily it's a really nice venue.  It had a ton of space and a ton of great vantage points.  I was able to snag a great spot straight back in the middle on one of the platforms.  Perfect view all night.  

It's pretty amazing that Rusko can do what he does every night.  That guy did not stop moving throughout his whole set.  And I'm not just talking about bobbing around, he was doing full on dance moves.  It made me tired just watching him.  Add in the fact that he obviously was drinking the whole time, the guy was a machine.  He was very entertaining to watch which is a nice change of pace when it comes to DJs.  

Overall I thought it was a great show.  Like I said, the bass was a bit much, and the lights, while impressive, were a bit much too.  However, I'm glad I went, and really enjoyed the music.  Kinda looking forward to another show at Myth, just not the drive there and back. ;)




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