Reptar @ The 7th St Entry

Reptar was a band I discovered by combing through the bands coming to First Ave.  I really liked their sound, and they were playing the Entry for $10.  So how could I not go?  Well, it wasn't until after I bought my ticket and put the date on my calendar, did I realize I was already seeing Kasabian in the Mainroom that same night.  Whoops.  Well, lucky for me the Kasabian show was done at 11:15 and Reptar was still playing.  What the hell I said, let's go see another show!  

I was able to catch the last 40 minutes of their set and I hope I can see them again because I liked what I saw.  It was upbeat, dance-able, and the guys were pretty friendly and engaging on stage.  For their last song they invited a few audience members onstage to dance.  This is something I'm always fascinated with.  For one, how come I never get picked, and two, how do they mitigate the risk of inviting a bunch of assholes on stage?  It looked like Reptar is still figuring out this equation.  It was pretty funny watching the lead singer shove some drunk idiot dancing next to him, for bumping into him and knocking stuff over.  When the song ended, the drunk idiot asked the lead singer something which I couldn't make out.  I could however understand the response, when the lead singer said "Get the f*ck out of here".  So I guess you never know who's going to join you onstage, but either way, it makes for a fun show to watch.


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