Kasabian @ First Avenue

I actually have to thank my wife for this one.  I had never heard any of Kasabian's material, although their name was familiar.  But in 2009 my wife had me buy 'West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum' because of the single 'Fire'.  Which I ended up liking.  So when I saw they were making a stop here at First Ave, I figured I'd go check them out live.  before the show, I brushed up on their older material, along with their new album.  

Here is the City Pages review, which was a lot more positive than I would have been.  The music was good I'll give them that, but the lead singer had a really weird presence on stage.  It was like every move of his was choreographed and he was always a little off.  He did all the normal lead singer things, pointing at the audience, talking to specific people, getting the crowd to sing or clap along.  It was just when he did these things it wasn't like he was actually communicating to OUR audience.  He was pointing to people in the back that I don't think existed or pointing to people that weren't doing anything other than standing there.  As if in his mind he's thinking "here's where I point...ok, point!" or "remember to call out someone in the back 'YEAH YOU!'".  It seemed awkward, a little phoned in, and somewhat phony to me.  Obviously I was in the vast minority in my opinion considering the crowd was going bonkers through the whole set.  I actually had to move at one point because the girl next to me kept whipping me with her hair.  

Like I said, the music sounded good, the stage lights were pretty awesome, but the "show" was a little underwhelming.  I did manage to record "Fire", which I found out by a quick Google on my phone that it was to be the 3 song of the encore.  And sure enough it was.  

And hey,  there was cake. ;)



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