Grimes @ The 7th St Entry

When I purchased my $8 ticket a few months ago, it was out of curiosity to see Grimes perform live.  I saw a brief video of her live performance and thought it looked interesting and sounded cool.  As time went on though, her newest album was released, and I began to get pretty excited to see the show.  After all, she was getting tons of attention in the music press.  

The weather here was getting amazing, so it was a pleasure to get out and head downtown to see a show.  I ended up parking on the street for free, and decided not to drink since I was fighting off a cold.  So it was going to turn out to be a cheap night if nothing else.  

The show was sold out, and the Entry was packed as a result.  In classic First Ave style, it was hot inside, thanks to the unseasonably nice weather.  It definitely reminded me of the old days, when no matter when you went to a show in the summer at First Ave, you were going to sweat, a lot. In any case, I got a great spot along the back wall on the bench, and had a clear view of the stage.  I even chatted up a couple people near me until the show started.  

Right off the bat, I was pretty impressed.  For one person to be able to manage that many elements at once, as well as sing, it can't be to do.  Which explained why her set was just shy of an hour.  She even admitted it was a short set based on the fact that her songs don't translate live very easily.  Toss in a few start/stops due to sound issues and you kind of lose some of the momentum.  Regardless though, I felt what she played sounded good.  Although, I'm not sure if it was the Entry's acoustics, or her sound, or where I was standing, but the bass was ridiculous.  That did deter a bit from the overall experience, but not enough in my opinion to make it bad.

*Apologies for the awful pictures.  The iPhone takes the worst pictures in low light.



Nyte at: April 9, 2012 at 7:46:00 PM CDT said...

Thank you so much for posting this...I was there but had to leave during her second song as I came down with a horrible migraine (which the bass was not helping with) and being so short I couldn't see the fact that I just moved here and don't know anyone didn't help since I had to go alone. At least I now know what I missed :P. I'm a musician myself, and she was sort of an inspiration for me when I first came across her stuff last year.

Unknown at: April 10, 2012 at 8:34:00 AM CDT said...

Glad you liked it and that's a bummer about the migraine. I was in the back on the bench, so I at least had a clear view, although it's hard to tell from the grainy cell phone video.

Nothing wrong with going by yourself, I was there alone too. ;)

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