The only reason I ended up going to this show was because First Ave was offering members a special deal to attend. Since I've only been a member for 3 weeks, this was my first opportunity to really take advantage of it, and I wasn't about to pass that up.  I was able to get me and a guest in for free, pick up my new member tshirt, and get 50% off at the bar, pretty awesome deal!  The other benefit that I didn't realize until we were there, was having a members only area to view the show from.  We ended up having one of the best places to watch the show from upstairs right off the stage!

I made sure the listen to all the bands on the bill so I knew who not to miss.  Sexcat was the band that I felt I'd like to see the most.  The best thing about this experience though, that ended up not being true.  In fact, the other 3 bands we saw, I ended up really enjoying as much, if not more.  We saw  Dream Crusher, Gramma's Boyfriend, and Night Moves.  As the show progressed the bands kept getting better and better.  We ended up leaving before Bloodnstuff and MaLLy performed, but it was way past my bedtime.   

As someone who never really enjoyed local bands, or thought he would, I've now added 4 more bands to a small but growing list.  I'm now following all these bands on Twitter and Facebook so I can stay in the loop on any upcoming shows.  


UPDATED 20120201: Forgot to add this RT in from the Dream Crusher Twitter account:


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