Phantogram @ First Ave

I probably would have never got a ticket to see Phantogram at First Ave, had it not been for seeing them at Lollapalooza.  The dudes I went to Lollapalooza with really liked the band and said we should go check them out.  So that Saturday afternoon we did, and now we're fans too.  So naturally, when I saw they were coming here to First Ave, I figured I'd go see them again.  I brought Brendan and Colin along, who both enjoyed the show as well.  The band didn't really talk that much during their set, but when they did, I couldn't understand a word they said.  Maybe it's because it was nearly sold out, or I'm just about deaf.  Either way, it didn't matter much, because the music sounded great.  And thanks to B&C, I found a new money saving deal.  $3 tall boys at the Depot, till 11PM.  And here I thought the $4.75 ones in First Ave were a good deal.  

UPDATED 20111117: Phantogram's First Avenue show filmed by Vice Some much better video of the show along with some video footage of First Ave and Minneapolis.


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