AM & Shawn Lee @ Turf Club

I first heard of Shawn Lee a few years ago through a feature on iTunes called "Indie" electronic artists.  Through that, I ended up buying his Voices & Choices album.   Most recently I saw a feature on Spotify for AM & Shawn Lee's new album, Celestial Electric and have been listening to it pretty regularly.  So when I saw they were coming here, I figured it was a pretty rare opportunity to see him/them live.  

They were playing the Turf Club in St Paul, which I'd never been to.  So when I showed up that night I wasn't sure if I was actually in the right place.  I saw a band playing, most likely the opener, but it looked just like a bar which happended to have a stage.  Well, that's exactly what it is, a bar with a small stage.  I guess the other thing that threw me of was the fact that there was no one there.  There was literally 20 people there.  The stage is small, but the bar itself is pretty big, so not having people there is pretty noticeable.  I was able to secure a seat at the bar right up front which was awesome.  

The funny thing about small venues is you get to watch the actual band setup.  It's not like larger venues where they make this grand appearence after the crew sets up the stage.  So I sat there and watched the bad setup and then they just jump into playing.  I think the sounded great.  The album is pretty low key, and the set was basically the whole album.  The crowd was pretty responsive to the band, at least what crowd there was.  It even prompted a few people to get up and dance.  Although that seemed a little weird, again since there was no one there.  

After the show, AM and Shawn Lee were near the merch table and I thought about getting a picture with them, but opted not.  On the way home I realized I should have just had them sign my ticket.  I haven't done that in a long time


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