Battles @ Fine Line Music Cafe

It's nights like this that I wish I lived downtown.  Dinner at a friends apartment, then drinks a couple blocks away, and best of all, I was able to sneak off and see Battles at the Fine Line, and run back and meet my group afterwards.  Being able to walk home would have been the icing on the cake, but alas, a drive back to the burbs was required.

This was my first time at the Fine Line.  So I was pretty amazed how small it was.  The bulk of my concert going experience is at the First Ave Mainroom, which I always considered small.  But now that I've gone to a few other venues, I suppose it's pretty big compared to the other "small" places.

The Battles show was great and the music was awesome.  They played a lot off of Gloss Drop, which worked for me, since I really like that album.  Of course I was jazzed when they played Ice Cream, which is my favorite song of theirs.  They even stretched it out and made it into a 10 minute song.  I wondered how they were going to do the vocals on some of their songs, like Ice Cream.  Well, they had 2 life size screens behind them that had giant heads singing the lyrics.  Not that one of these guys couldn't have just taken on that role.  I mean each guy seemed to be multitasking the entire time, and doing it really well.  I can't even play one instrument, but these guys were playing at least 2, and sometimes at the same time.  Crazy and impressive!

I tried getting my group I left to join me, because I think they would have really liked it.  I mean, you really couldn't stand still at a show like this.  


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