Wiz Khalifa @ The Cabooze

Initially I was pretty excited about attending this show.  I've enjoyed all the singles Wiz has put out, and even the songs that my brother-in-law had me listen to.  Plus it was an outdoor show, so how could you go wrong?  


When we get there, there's a ridiculous line to get into the concert area, which isn't so unusual.  (Side note, it always amazes me the amount of white dudes at rap shows, that go out of their way to sound like a hip/tough/cool black guys.  It's pretty comical) However, it gets a little concerning when you're pretty far back in line and the show starts.  Lucky for us there were 2 openers, so it wasn't a big deal after all.  The funny thing was though, once we got in, we couldn't tell they were openers.  Shows how much of a fan we were. ;) So while we're waiting for the openers to finish up, we're trying to get a decent spot to watch from.  Unfortunately the Cabooze outdoor stage is in their parking lot.  Not ideal for a short guy.  Needless to say, I couldn't see a damn thing.  

Now all that still hasn't really spoiled my time.  But then I make the mistake of saying "hi" to the girl in front of me while I'm ordering a beer.  As I'm waiting, her boyfriend and his friend, who are standing around the corner of the bar from me, are staring right at me.  At first I didn't really notice them, I mean these 2 guys are just staring at me, not saying a word, just staring.  When I do a double-take out of surprise, I get the typical tough-guy "what?!" from them.  To which I reply "what?", to which they reply "what."  This could go on all night. So I shake my head, wait for my drink, and ignore them.  In the meantime, the girlfriend is now back with them and getting the 3rd degree on what she said to me, and why was she talking to me, and so on.  I guess they have a pretty solid relationship, when saying "hi" to a guy elicits such a response.  But I guess when you're dating a skank, drunk at a rap concert, and wearing a wife-beater, you do as the Romans do.  In the end, nothing happened thankfully.  The kicker though, was as she's pleading for forgiveness, says, "...he's totally ugly, please, you are so much better looking than him."  Ugh. Thanks.   

The show finally starts, but now I'm standing in a sink hole, can't see shit, watching over my shoulder to make sure the Latin King wannabe doesn't try something.  

Of course Wiz ended with Black and Yellow, so that was cool.

Video to come.


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