Mad Professor @ The 7th St Entry

The next morning my car still smelled like pot. Which is pretty amazing considering, one, I don't smoke pot, and two, you're not allowed to even smoke in bars. And yet, people were lighting up all over the place last night. This certainly didn't detract from the show. Don't get me wrong, the music was great. 'Dub' which is what this type of music is described ase.  Which is basically reggae music with tons of bass, and really trippy. And I mean TONS of bass. So much bass that my face was vibrating. I loved it.

I actually saw Mad Professor at First Ave years ago, because I loved the No Protection album he did.  I even got his autograph on the CD cover at that show.  And although I didn't hear any Massive Attack during this show, I think being at the Entry really made it a totally different experience.  I've never seen a show there before.  Being able to be 5 feet from the performer was something that I've never done.  Even got to shake his hand after the show.  He did some original stuff, some dub versions of Bob Marley, and played a song that made me smile.  It was You Don't Love Me (No No No), which I knew from the Party Girl soundtrack.  The wife definitely would have freaked out with that one.

The crowd was pretty interesting, lots of white people dreads.  Lots of weird dancing, and like I said before, tons of pot.  All in all, a great show.




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