Caspa @ First Ave

One of the great things about the First Ave twitter account is that they tell you when the set times are for the night.  But when I show up at 10 PM in preparation for the 11 PM set time and there's only 100 people there, it's a bit concerning.  The Foo Fighters are playing at the Excel the same night, so maybe thats part of the problem.  So I'm a little concerned when First Ave is only 10% full.  It did fill in a little once Caspa came  on, but "fill in" means another 50 people.  But once the music started, it really didn't matter how many people were there.  The crowd was totally into it.  I was really hoping to hear stuff off of his album,
"Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Listening", but, no.  He did tease a bit early on, but never followed through.  He stuck to the big name dubstep mix playbook.  Not that I was complaining, since it was still pretty awesome, but it would have been nice.  
This was also my first show I've attended solo since 1998 or so. But once the  music started, all that didn't matter.  The more I listen to dubstep, the more I realize how much I love it.  This show only confirmed that.  I heard a lot of the big dubstep songs that I typically hear on Pandora. No surprise there was a little Skrillex mixed in there.  It was a great 90 minute set.  
Towards the end, Dread MC took a cell phone pic of Caspa with the audience.  I was hoping I was in it, but it looks like I was just out of the shot. 
Long story short, I was a little concerned when I got there, but in the end, I was glad I went.  It was a great mix!



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