Sia @ First Ave

This school night wasn't as late since she started at 8:30, which was nice to get home at 10:30.  I'm not a huge Sia fan, but was pretty surprised how many people were at the show.  I'd guess that it was almost sold out.  Molly went with me again to this show instead of the wife.  She even scored a poster for her apartment! I'm starting to get the feeling that the wife has no desire to attend concerts with me... ;)

Sia definitely has a great voice and she had a great rapport with the audience, which made it an enjoyable show to attend.  Although her Australian accent and my deafness prevented me from understanding her a lot of times, I did manage to catch a few of her jokes.  The first was when someone gave her a gift, which was something that went on throughout the whole show.  The gift said "If you ever meet the band Muse, please give this to them". Pretty funny.  Later in the show she gave an explanation that helped me understand the almost sold out crowd.  She explained that she had written a song for the Will Smith movie, Seven Pounds, which they didn't use.  So then she wrote another song for the same movie, which they also didn't use.  However, the movie Twilight used it, and now she's "rich"!  Guess that explains it. ;)  She ended up playing that song during her "fake encore" as the last song.  The first encore song, was 1 of the 2 songs I really knew, "Clap Your Hands".  

I also managed to remember to clear my phone off this time so I could take some video:



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